Ep 08: Biblical Criticism With Dr. Alan Meyers

October 03, 2020 Episode 8
Ep 08: Biblical Criticism With Dr. Alan Meyers
Show Notes

Andy and TJ are joined by Dr. Alan Meyers.

Dr. Meyers is Professor Emeritus of religion at Lindenwood University as well as Parish Associate at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church in St. Louis. Andy and TJ both took classes with Dr. Meyers while at Lindenwood.

We talk about "biblical criticism" (or the "historical-critical method"), as well as the difficulty of squaring the findings of biblical scholarship with the fundamentalist perspective.

Biblical criticism is "the process of establishing the plain meaning of biblical texts and of assessing their historical accuracy...  and indicates the effort at using scientific criteria (historical and literary) and human reason to understand and explain as objectively as possible the meaning intended by the biblical writers." (Source)

It was a fantastic conversation, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Book Mentions:
1. "Jesus Interrupted" by Bart Ehrman
2. "Philosophy of Religion" by John Hick
3. "The Harper Collins Study Bible" (NRSV version)