Ep 09: Godless Heathens... Unite!

October 29, 2020 Episode 9
Ep 09: Godless Heathens... Unite!
Show Notes

Andy and TJ are joined by Brian Farmer, brother of Andy's high school flame. He's an atheist who's never really had an extended conversation about his atheism with other people, so hopefully it was cathartic and not too traumatizing for him.


- Brian talked about "The Thief in the Night", a film series from the 1970's about the Rapture. You can watch it on YouTube here.

- The documentary about the debates between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson, called "Collision", can be found on Amazon here.

- Seth Andrews' "The Thinking Atheist" YouTube channel can be found here.

- The atheist woman interviewed on CNN after her home was destroyed by a tornado can be found here.

- Brian talked about the religious beliefs of prisoners incarcerated in the US federal system. An interesting article from FiveThirtyEight (from 2015) about that topic can be found here.

- Brian's speech before the Wentzville Board of Alderman concerning their "In God We Trust" sign can be found here.

- Also, his "secular invocation" can be found here.